Our Story

Schmitty’s Snuff
is a Pacific NW company created by individuals who have always been inspired by the great outdoors.

Our mission is to provide the “best-in-class” and safest alternative to traditional smokeless tobacco products, while still retaining the same look, flavor and texture but without the harmful side effects.  Our snuff has been tested by hundreds of “long-term” moist tobacco snuff users, which have all provided their enthusiastic and abundant positive reviews that our product is far superior to all of the other alternative snuff products on the market.

Many top medical practitioners and industry experts recognize there are serious health consequences which may be attributed to extended use of smokeless tobacco, including the risk of oral cancer, esophageal cancer, pancreatic cancer, gum disease and tooth loss.  There is a vast need for an alternative product to smokeless tobacco that will save lives and prevent cancers while concurrently replicating the taste and oral experience of “legacy” snuff products.

This is why we created Schmitty’s.   After years of perfecting our formulation, we’re excited to share with our fellow ”dippers” a product that packs well and provides hours of endless flavor, even more so than traditional smokeless tobacco .   You have nothing to lose…. Give Schmitty’s a shot!

We guarantee you will not be disappointed…. Whether you’re an avid fisherman, golfer, hiker or hunter … Schmitty’s will not let you down!  Go grab a can of Schmitty’s and enjoy the great outdoors! 

Tight Lines,
The Schmitty’s Team