Schmitty's is an awesome product!!! I’ve been a chewer for 30 years, I needed something in my mouth at all times. This product packs well, has great flavor, and has the right amount of light burn. The fact that the ingredients are of the highest quality is so cool after putting fiberglass and carcinogens in my mouth for so long. If you are trying to quit chewing without the aid of nicotine gum or Chantix (neither work), this is a safe and helpful tool.

Jason, North Bend, WA

Schmitty’s, I finally found what I have been hoping somebody would produce! Non-nicotine snuff that tastes and acts like the real deal! I am nicotine free and still get to enjoy a real dip. Thanks a million!!!

Joe, Lake Oswego, OR

Your dip is by far the best alternative snuff on the market! Thank you for making such an enjoyable product. You nailed it!!!! The Wintergreen is the best!!!

Nick, Seattle, WA

This is the real deal, smooth and long-lasting. This is one product that will satisfy pinch after pinch. I have dipped for many years and never once have I thought there would come a day where there would be a safe replacement. Thanks, Schmitty’s!

Brian, Tukwila, WA

Your Wintergreen dip is the best! It has great flavor and lasts so much longer than regular (tobacco) snuff. Thank you for producing an amazing chew that doesn’t make me feel guilty!

Erik S., Snoqualmie, WA

You have a very good product. Best I’ve found. Congratulations!!!!

Steve M., Park Forest, IL